Source Audio Releases “Vertigo Tremolo”

At camp Daft Paragon, we’re fans of Source Audio (and any manufacturer doing something different from the norm), so we definitely took note when an email from them hit our inbox and announced a new pedal. Check out the Vertigo Tremolo, which combines three tremolos in one familiar stomp box format. Here’s what they say […]

Effects 101 Gear

Electro-Harmonix Schools us on Modulation (well… some of us)

The folks at EHX have a vested interest in teaching people about modulation, so they can sell more pedals.  I’m cool with that, because they did a pretty good job with these videos. These are not for effects junkies.  Their audience is people who don’t use pedals and haven’t in the past.  If you can’t […]

Pedals Reviews

Tested: Source Audio Orbital Modulator

You want a flanger for your pedal board, right?  And a phaser too, right?  Crap… Well, two new pedals isn’t so bad.  You know, that Diamond phaser is really nice… but you probably want a Phase 90 for everyday use.  That’s like $400 in phasers.  Weren’t we talking about a flanger too?  How often do […]

Guitar Store Gospel Passion & Self Hate


A strange thing happened over the weekend.  I walked into a guitar store, with a rough budget in mind and a desire to walk away with a new tremolo or phaser pedal.  That is the extent of my pre-purchase planning. You see, once you’ve been playing long enough and developed an extensive list of snobby […]