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Band Auditions: Rarely Done Right, Usually Hilarious

I once auditioned a singer, and it didn’t go well at all. He needed to be picked up from a bus stop, which is fine but I don’t live near a bus stop. That should’ve been a sign1 that holding regular practices would be rough, especially since the busses don’t run late by us. We […]

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Judging Books By Their Covers Pt.1

Daft Paragonians, Debtcember is quickly baring down on us.  Soon you will be spending money on gifts for people you don’t even really like that much because at some point in your genetic history they used the same womb as temporary housing as someone else that you may like.  Either that or you work with […]

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From Around the Web 11.4.2013

I have a fascination with Chinese knockoffs born mostly of my being cheap.  Well, not just cheap, but cheap and non-gigging.  Since I don’t gig, “roadworthiness” doesn’t factor into my purchasing decision.  Also, since I don’t gig my only Return on Investment is “fun.”  No guitar I ever buy will ever make me money, so […]

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Question: What Are Your Guitar Superstitions?

If you spend any amount of time reading or watching interviews with Steve Vai, eventually the subject of Evo will come up.  Evo is a prototype Jem 7VWH that got its name from the prototype DiMarzio Evolution pickups fitted in it.  According to Vai no guitar he’s ever had has ever fit quite like “her,” […]