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Our Christmas Wishlist – 2015 Edition

It’s the end of yet another year, and credit cards continue to be maxed out all over the country as guitarists everywhere hope for a new pedal or amp or whatever it may be. Here at Daft Paragon global headquarters, we’re less concerned about what is under our trees. We want to look out for […]

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Morrissey Autobiography

When the publication of Morrissey’s autobiography was announced, the collective heart of the news media skipped a beat. A tell-all book by one of rock’s most inscrutable, stubborn, and unlikely idols? Some definitive insight, finally, into one of the defining songwriting partnerships of the 80s, that turned out music by turns mordant, jubilant, tongue in […]

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How To Use Reviews

So, a couple of weeks ago the internets (or at least the parts of it dedicated to Windows Phone) erupted in a furor over a review.  Molly Wood, executive editor for cnet reviewed the Nokia Lumia 1020, also known as the best camera phone you can buy.  In her review Molly spent considerable time complaining […]