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Quick Thoughts on Crowdfunded Album Production

The interverse is abuzz again over Amanda Palmer after she revealed that her famously raising over $1m on Kickstarter left her broke. She logically claims that the whole campaign was a loss-leader just to get the album done and help her move onto her next thing. Never you mind the fact that she got 12x […]


New Gear: ADA GCS-3 Cabinet Simulator

I’m not big on simply rehashing press releases, I think that’s pretty lazy (I’m looking at YOU Peter Hodgson! 1).  But once in a while news will grab my attention. This is one of those cases.  I’ve never played through the ADA GCS-2.  I don’t know that I’ve ever played through any of the current […]

Good Finds Lessons

Production Bytes – Because You Have a Computer

If you’re on this site it’s safe to say that you’re a guitarist. If this is true, I would like to congratulate you for using a computer.  Now that you’ve managed to master technology created later than 1950; I want to hip you to Production Bytes.