Neat Pedals @ NAMM

There’s tons of new-ish stuff to see at NAMM every year, but it’s hard to really sort through it all, even if you’re there. Here’s some fun stuff that I’ve stumbled across through press releases, twitter, etc. EHX Satisfaction Fuzz Remix of the OG.  Taking a Maestro Fuzz Tone circuit, adding modern touches like true… Continue reading Neat Pedals @ NAMM

Judging Books By Their Covers Pt. 5

I may have said this before.  It’s impossible that I haven’t said this before.  My most hated guitarist BS saying is this one: Tube amps produce a second order harmonic which is naturally more pleasing to the human ear.  Solid State amps will never sound as good for that reason. For every genius who has… Continue reading Judging Books By Their Covers Pt. 5