Little Looper Shootout

In the past year, and especially very recently, we’ve seen several new loop pedals hit the scene.  All of them boast a very small footprint and super simple operation.  Oh, and low prices!  With each pedal seemingly so stripped down you might wonder what the difference there is between them.  We’re here to help sort… Continue reading Little Looper Shootout

New Gear from Meris and Electro-harmonix

When stuff like this comes out, I sometimes feel overwhelmed.  In one case, we have the launch of Meris, which gives you a few bullet points about the product and chances are the target customer knows it’s for them.  On the other hand, EHX gives a ton of info, and we’re left sorting through it… Continue reading New Gear from Meris and Electro-harmonix

Andy Othling Takes It Sloooooooooooooooow

  I came across Andy Othling’s YouTube channel while looking for ambient and looping guitarists.  I was looking for something more, metal-y, so I kind of let it slide for a few minutes, but then I started paying attention. Andy’s deal is making big, ambient soundscapes by plugging a parts(Tele)caster into a floorboard the size… Continue reading Andy Othling Takes It Sloooooooooooooooow