Guitar Store Gospel Passion & Self Hate

Technology Still Killing My High

The other night my friend was showing me his new sampler.  It’s new to him, not the world.  He’s also got a pretty old drum machine.  Super hipster stuff, I know.  But it got me excited to go home and make some tunes. So I did, I pulled out my midi keyboard, fired up Logic […]

Guitar Store Gospel

Technology + Creativity

I know it’s been super hip to record with analog technology for some time now – but I can’t help but wonder if it’s more than just the vintage vibes and warm sounds.  It’s a regular topic of discussion with fellow musicians, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s some loose science behind it. Personally, […]


Gibson to Acquire Cakewalk

Since the major guitar brands cannot grow their market share by selling more products to more people, they’re again continuing the time-honored tradition of growth through acquisition.  In this case, it’s software company Cakewalk. So what can we expect once this deal is done?