Guitar Center Accused of Violating Labor Laws

According to a federal complaint publicized in the Chicago Tribune, Guitar Center allegedly violated national labor guidelines in their flagship Chicago, New York and Las Vegas stores. The complaint states that Guitar Center discriminated against union employees by offering reduced benefits and failing to bargain in good faith with said employees. The retail chain has […]

Guitar Store Gospel Silly

The Mail Man Brought: Laughter!

Ohhhhhh yes! Hahahahaha… Caption ideas?

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Guitar Center: Improving Business or Improving PR?

Most of you likely do not read MMR (Musical Merchandise Review).  It’s a trade magazine for music industry retailers and is not terribly exciting for people that are on the customer side of the business.  However, they just shipped their latest print edition with an interesting piece about Guitar Center. We’ve been anti-fans of GC […]

Guitar Store Gospel Passion & Self Hate

Guitar Center Pro Coverage – Being Scammed into a Scam

Dear internets, before you read the first few sentences of this and rush to chew me out1, I’m not looking for empathy.  This is not a “poor me” story, it’s a “WTF is going on here?” story. Not terribly long ago, I found myself at the local Guitar Center.  I disliked Guitar Center before visiting […]


CATS: Big Box Guitar Stores You Are Broken

Two weeks ago I found myself in desperate need of a new laptop.  My long suffering Toshiba Satellite (with an HD-DVD drive!) had finally given up the ghost.  As the only reason this computer stayed operational was that it played nicely with my work VPN (unlike every other computer I own) I needed a replacement […]