Electric Guitar Body Wood – Does it Matter?

Acoustic guitar builders love wood. They can’t get enough of it. Not just the right species of wood, but the perfect tree or cut or assembly all make huge differences in the sound of the finished product. That’s why folks like Collings, whose wood stockpile is pictured above, will talk at great length about the wood… Continue reading Electric Guitar Body Wood – Does it Matter?

How It’s Made: Electric Guitars

From what I gather, “How It’s Made” is a regular show on the Discovery channel that is kind of like Mister Rogers, but with fewer puppets.  At some point, they did a trip to Godin to show how electric guitars are made.  It’s worth watching if you’re unfamiliar with the process in production facilities.  What’s… Continue reading How It’s Made: Electric Guitars

Crimson Guitars Answers Questions

Here is the grand total of things I know about Crimson Guitars: They are English. They are run by a dude named Ben Crowe who seems to be a pretty normal cat, with a small child and a head full of tribal tattoos. They make Robert Fripp’s signature guitar which has more knobs and switches… Continue reading Crimson Guitars Answers Questions

David Fletcher Shows You How to Get it Done

Every so often I get it stuck in my head that I want to build the perfect guitar, so I fire up the AutoTrader Machine and point it at a website which isn’t dedicated to increasing my carbon footprint.  After spending some time tooling around Warmoth I inevitably come to the same conclusion: putting together… Continue reading David Fletcher Shows You How to Get it Done