I’m Sick of Picks

I’ve bought a greater variety of picks than I could ever hope to document. That’s nothing special. I think we’ve all grabbed some expensive tortoiseshell wonders or wacky polymers that promise to stick better or help us pick faster. Many people get jazz iii’s and think their life has changed, that they are the first […]

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PedalGenie – Finally, a Modern Take on the Gear Shop

This is how you buy pedals: Way #1 – Go to the local guitar store, where they have 30-50 pedals from a handful of manufacturers, if you’re lucky.  You try one out using not-your-guitar into not-your-amp.  This combo sounds terrible, but the pedal improves it, so you get excited and buy.  When you get home, […]

Guitar Store Gospel Passion & Self Hate

CATS: Beano Can't Cure This G.A.S. But OCD Can Make It Worse

So, this site started off (and does still function on some level) as a companion to an online store where you can buy artisan quality, handmade, boutique effects (go ahead, try it, hit the “shop” button up top – you know you want to).  This is odd to me as I’ve never owned an artisan […]