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Electro-Harmonix Schools us on Modulation (well… some of us)

The folks at EHX have a vested interest in teaching people about modulation, so they can sell more pedals.  I’m cool with that, because they did a pretty good job with these videos. These are not for effects junkies.  Their audience is people who don’t use pedals and haven’t in the past.  If you can’t […]

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Tested: Source Audio Orbital Modulator

You want a flanger for your pedal board, right?  And a phaser too, right?  Crap… Well, two new pedals isn’t so bad.  You know, that Diamond phaser is really nice… but you probably want a Phase 90 for everyday use.  That’s like $400 in phasers.  Weren’t we talking about a flanger too?  How often do […]