Fender Mod Shop: Exactly What We Wanted… Sort of.

Not too long ago, we wished for mass-customization options from guitar makers. Basically the same thing you get when you build a car online rather than buy what is on the lot. And with the launch of the Mod Shop, Fender is doing just that. So is it everything we wanted? I attempted to build… Continue reading Fender Mod Shop: Exactly What We Wanted… Sort of.

Review: Modern Sound Amplifiers “Vibrolush”

60 years from now, I don’t think any guitarists out there will be swooning over a 2015 Blackstar or Peavey amplifier the way we currently do over Fenders from 60 years ago. But it will be interesting to see if those future folks are paying top dollar for 2015 recreations of amps from 1965. By all accounts,… Continue reading Review: Modern Sound Amplifiers “Vibrolush”

What’s Coming From Fender’s Digital Products Team?

Almost a month ago, Fender somewhat quietly started a new venture. For the first time, they hired a Digital Products Officer. I’m not going to pretend I can predict his success or failure in a job he’s hardly started. Kaplan seems like a perfectly competent guy with a lot of experience, although I’ve said before… Continue reading What’s Coming From Fender’s Digital Products Team?

New Fender Strats for 2014

Fender is seemingly following Gibson’s lead by trying to make their guitars a little more high tech1.  Now they’re rolling out things like personality cards, solderless electronics, Fishman® TriplePlay systems, and iOS connectivity. Check the full press release here – and a video from MMR after the jump. High tech relative to what they normally make ↩

Judging Books By Their Covers Pt. 2

In the second part of our ongoing series leading up to Debtcember Day Zero1.  I make up for the lack of demo copies of stuff at the Daft Paragon Doomsday Survival Compound by gently ribbing companies that would provide said free things, thus probably making it harder for Generalissimo Ratkowski to develop “can we review… Continue reading Judging Books By Their Covers Pt. 2

Reissue Request: The Fender Showmaster

Fender and Gibson have an issue.  I call it the PT Cruiser Paradox. For those of you who live outside of America, and thus possibly escaped it.  This is a PT Cruiser: It was basically a Neon station wagon.  Because of its flat load floor it was classified as a truck by the EPA (I… Continue reading Reissue Request: The Fender Showmaster