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Wisconsin Pride: Monarch Pedalboards say Goodbye to Velcro

It’s really hard to get excited about pedalboards.  You’re paying $300+ for some plastic/wood with carpet on it.  Then you’re going to velcro your pedals to it, destroying the resale value of your effects in the process 1.  That velcro will lose its grab over time.  It will infuriate you when you remember how much […]

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PedalGenie – Finally, a Modern Take on the Gear Shop

This is how you buy pedals: Way #1 – Go to the local guitar store, where they have 30-50 pedals from a handful of manufacturers, if you’re lucky.  You try one out using not-your-guitar into not-your-amp.  This combo sounds terrible, but the pedal improves it, so you get excited and buy.  When you get home, […]

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Interview: Strymon Co-Founder Gregg Stock

If I had to build my own pyramid of awesome gear companies, Strymon would certainly be in the top tier.  Lots of companies innovate, plenty of others do amazing quality work.  Strymon does both, which puts them in select company.  Not only that, but it’s incredibly rewarding to play one of their pedals.  You think it […]