Fender Mod Shop: Exactly What We Wanted… Sort of.

Not too long ago, we wished for mass-customization options from guitar makers. Basically the same thing you get when you build a car online rather than buy what is on the lot. And with the launch of the Mod Shop, Fender is doing just that. So is it everything we wanted? I attempted to build… Continue reading Fender Mod Shop: Exactly What We Wanted… Sort of.

Warmoth – Finally Taking the Plunge

Update 2.8.2015: Got all my parts and assembled – photo & details added below. There are so many ways to get a “custom” guitar these days that it’s hard to keep track.  There are so many small builders, big companies offering mass-personalization, and even better building tutorials.  But for some reason, I’ve always gone back… Continue reading Warmoth – Finally Taking the Plunge

Stew Made Guitars

The funny thing about a giant, multi-national corporation that watches your every move, selling as much of your personal information as it can while claiming to not “be evil” is that they think they know you.  They don’t know me!!!! But every so often they will drop some awesome suggestions my way. I’m not sure… Continue reading Stew Made Guitars