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Tim Sway Has Perspective

Whenever guitar players go on a gear rant I usually pull out a line about how guitar players are dumb and bass players will play a bass made out of a2x4 plugged into a speaker from a 1986 Camaro Berlinetta. That’s a thing.

Building Good Finds Lessons Music

From Around The Web 05.12.2014

This week around the web we find out that Godzilla is way bigger than you thought…

Building Good Finds

Big D Guitars Tap Tones

I used to hang out on back in the day.  My never ending RG project was, in fact, the first picture of a project guitar uploaded to the PG forums (and then the forum software got hacked or corrupted and had to be re-installed and all was lost and I became a sad panda).  […]

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Books: How To Build Electric Guitars by Will Kelly

I believe that I own a single issue of Vintage Guitar magazine.  My lack of ownership has less to do with the quality, or lack there of, of said publication and more to do with my attitude towards vintage guitars which can best be described as “nonexistent.” Not reading Vintage Guitar means that I was […]