$20 For Guaranteed Disappointment

A couple of days ago I forwarded Grand Master Ratkowski this link to a MetalSucks article in which they talk about Lee McKinney from Born of Osiris selling his Axe FX patch for $20. Jay responded with this post’s title.  I thik it’s great, I hope the kid sells a gajillion of them.  I say… Continue reading $20 For Guaranteed Disappointment

Where are We Going with Amp Modeling?

Honestly, amp and effects modeling should be a great thing.  It’s the logical next step in guitar technology.  We can’t keep relying on World War II era technology made in Chinese sweat shops by grade school kids.  Those tubes and transistors aren’t going to be around forever, we’ll have to evolve.  Right? It’s just so… Continue reading Where are We Going with Amp Modeling?