Review: Modern Sound Amplifiers “Vibrolush”

60 years from now, I don’t think any guitarists out there will be swooning over a 2015 Blackstar¬†or Peavey¬†amplifier the way we currently do over Fenders from 60 years ago. But it will be interesting to see if those future folks are paying top dollar for 2015 recreations of amps from 1965. By all accounts, […]


CATS: I Need a New Bass Amp But Don’t Know How…

It’s a story you’ve heard a billion times before: Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy buys girl bass and cheap amp, boy hates bass amp. I even hit up El Commandante Ratkowski for advice, this conversation went like this: Jay: World domination!!!! Subjugate the masses!!! Daft Paragon shall rule you all!!! Me: I need […]