Warmoth Strat – Ice Blue

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Another strat! Another Warmoth guitar!

  • Body
    • Black limba
    • Ice blue metallic finish
    • Screwy configuration. I bought this used. Seller ordered it rear route. Then tried to front route it, which meant drilling new holes. I just made it a pure front route.
  • neck
    • Roasted maple unfinished neck
    • Ziricote
    • 6150 frets
    • typical fender profile
    • Suhr Thornbucker in the bridge
    • Suhr V70 singles in the middle/neck
    • Wired to split the humbucker w/ the middle in position 2 (classic quack sound)
    • Humbucker goes to one tone pot, singles to another (for proper resistance values)
  • Other Stuff
    • Callaham bridge w/ Am. Standard style saddles (more comfy to me)
    • Zebrawood pickguard