Peavey Cirrus 4

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The original USA made Cirrus line. These were and are great basses. The electronics are kind of the whole point, but are also a lot to deal with. 18V system with a 3 band EQ and a blend knob for the pickups. Very flexible but kinda wish for something that takes less thought.

Had to get this refretted (by the great Denny Rauen) because the previous owner jacked up the top 4 frets. Traded my prized Cirrus 5 for this. I don’t regret that move in the sense that I never played the low B. But the old one was just with me a lot longer and I miss it in that sense.

I think the top is redwood and the body is alder. Fretboard looks like pau ferro. And the neck I think is maple with purple heart stripes.