New Gear from Meris and Electro-harmonix

When stuff like this comes out, I sometimes feel overwhelmed.  In one case, we have the launch of Meris, which gives you a few bullet points about the product and chances are the target customer knows it’s for them.  On the other hand, EHX gives a ton of info, and we’re left sorting through it… Continue reading New Gear from Meris and Electro-harmonix

New Fender Strats for 2014

Fender is seemingly following Gibson’s lead by trying to make their guitars a little more high tech1.  Now they’re rolling out things like personality cards, solderless electronics, Fishman® TriplePlay systems, and iOS connectivity. Check the full press release here – and a video from MMR after the jump. High tech relative to what they normally make ↩

Neat Pedals @ NAMM

There’s tons of new-ish stuff to see at NAMM every year, but it’s hard to really sort through it all, even if you’re there. Here’s some fun stuff that I’ve stumbled across through press releases, twitter, etc. EHX Satisfaction Fuzz Remix of the OG.  Taking a Maestro Fuzz Tone circuit, adding modern touches like true… Continue reading Neat Pedals @ NAMM

About Rap Genius (Not Kanye West)

So Rap Genius is a website where people post lyrics to songs.  It’s done community style, and you can add annotations to explain/question the meaning of lyrics.  There are options to buy tracks and watch YouTube clips of the songs.  Here’s an example. So what? I’m writing about this, because I’m always interested in ways… Continue reading About Rap Genius (Not Kanye West)

PRS Releases the Archon Amp

PRS just released a new amp1.  It’s aimed at the very hard rock but not quite metal crowd2.  It’s an interesting direction for them, so I figure it’s worth posting about. The manufacturer description… Greek for “ruler” or “lord,” the PRS Archon is a commanding and versatile 2-channel amp with aggressive overdriven tones and sparkling… Continue reading PRS Releases the Archon Amp

This Week in Gear – 11.28.2013

Happy Thanksgiving to Daft Paragon readers in the US.  Everyone else?  Please bear with us while the states try to turn invasion and genocide into a celebration of bland white-people food1 and door-busting sales events.2 There’s a lot of action in the MI world this week, with tons of commerce expected tomorrow and onward.  Here’s… Continue reading This Week in Gear – 11.28.2013