For those of you who don’t keep track of such things, Metallica recently held a contest in South America in association with Coke Zero.  Winners of the contest got to go see Metallica play in Antarctica1. So, here’s the video.  For my thoughts on the whole thing you can jump on past the other side… Continue reading Antarctica

Close Lobsters: A YouTube Tribute

This is one of my favorite bands.  Chances are, they are not one of yours.  They are easily one of the 10 greatest Scottish rock bands of all time1.  But for whatever reason, they didn’t stick around.  Maybe they were too early.  Their most popular album, Foxheads Stalk This Land, was released in ’87.  While… Continue reading Close Lobsters: A YouTube Tribute

Bruno Mars & The NFL Marketing Machine

It’s old news (in internet time) by now that Bruno Mars is your Super Bowl halftime act.  Everyone has had a chance to scoff at it.  The old timers have already griped about how we need to go back to marching bands, the baby boomers have already complained we need Paul McCartney again, the millennials… Continue reading Bruno Mars & The NFL Marketing Machine

Why I Fell Asleep In the Middle of Your Show

You know how sometimes music is just overwhelmingly beautiful or moving or complex and you have to close your eyes for a minute so your ears work better and your brain can process more deeply? This wasn’t that.

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Club Owners vs Bands

The other day, several of the folks at Reddit had an aneurism over this post.  The major issue is a long standing point of contention in the music world.  The idea of club owners taking advantage of musicians. Generally this is “pay to play” or maybe unpaid gigs.  Generally the club puts zero effort into… Continue reading Club Owners vs Bands