Interview: Strymon Co-Founder Gregg Stock

If I had to build my own pyramid of awesome gear companies, Strymon would certainly be in the top tier.  Lots of companies innovate, plenty of others do amazing quality work.  Strymon does both, which puts them in select company.  Not only that, but it’s incredibly rewarding to play one of their pedals.  You think it… Continue reading Interview: Strymon Co-Founder Gregg Stock

The Perfect Song

My buddy Kevan has talked about “perfect songs” for as long as I’ve known him (our history goes back to the late 90’s, I know he’s had this idea longer).  This isn’t one of those non-sensical rants that happen at bars, either.  Kevan is a pretty smart guy.  He co-founded Jemfest and invented the Tremol-No.… Continue reading The Perfect Song

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Gear Talk: Adam Fox

This is the second installment of the interview series, we’re talking to Adam Fox.  Adam is renowned as a musician, producer and voiceover talent.  Part of a musical household, Adam has been involved in music & performance since early childhood.  He’s been deeply involved in audio production as well as songwriting for decades.  Adam’s gained the acclaim… Continue reading Gear Talk: Adam Fox

Gear Talk: Brent Duersch

This is the first post in a series that will hopefully continue for quite some time.  The idea is to do a spin on the “boards of the stars” type articles that are all over the place and get insights from guitarists about their gear.  Rather than waste too much time introducing the idea, let’s… Continue reading Gear Talk: Brent Duersch