Stew Made Guitars

The funny thing about a giant, multi-national corporation that watches your every move, selling as much of your personal information as it can while claiming to not “be evil” is that they think they know you.  They don’t know me!!!! But every so often they will drop some awesome suggestions my way. I’m not sure… Continue reading Stew Made Guitars

Reissue Request: The Fender Showmaster

Fender and Gibson have an issue.  I call it the PT Cruiser Paradox. For those of you who live outside of America, and thus possibly escaped it.  This is a PT Cruiser: It was basically a Neon station wagon.  Because of its flat load floor it was classified as a truck by the EPA (I… Continue reading Reissue Request: The Fender Showmaster

New Arcade Fire Song

The Arcade Fire has a new song, and they debuted it on YouTube.  That’s weird, because I always thought the band appealed to people age 30-40, and those people don’t use YouTube as their radio.  But, maybe I’ve completely misjudged their youthful appeal. Beyond that, the band seems to be changing directions, or evolving, depending… Continue reading New Arcade Fire Song

Eight Year Old Girl Shreds My Face Off

The thing that always intrigues and confuses me about guitars of wee tykes playing insane guitar tracks is that they always play them on relatively expensive, full sized guitars.  It’s not like decent, short scale guitars don’t exist or that you can’t buy them for almost no money. Either way, this is impressive.

David Fletcher Shows You How to Get it Done

Every so often I get it stuck in my head that I want to build the perfect guitar, so I fire up the AutoTrader Machine and point it at a website which isn’t dedicated to increasing my carbon footprint.  After spending some time tooling around Warmoth I inevitably come to the same conclusion: putting together… Continue reading David Fletcher Shows You How to Get it Done