Andy Othling Takes It Sloooooooooooooooow

  I came across Andy Othling’s YouTube channel while looking for ambient and looping guitarists.  I was looking for something more, metal-y, so I kind of let it slide for a few minutes, but then I started paying attention. Andy’s deal is making big, ambient soundscapes by plugging a parts(Tele)caster into a floorboard the size… Continue reading Andy Othling Takes It Sloooooooooooooooow

Intro to – Beats Music

My guess is the majority of this audience doesn’t follow the Beats empire too closely, even if they’re aware of its existence. I fall into that category. So when Beats Music was announced, I assumed it would simply be a way of listening to Drake and Pink and whatever else is on the 18-24 demo… Continue reading Intro to – Beats Music

From Around The web 01.20.2014

As has been mentioned before; one of the more interesting things about the Daft Paragon Ranch is that Jay and I do not, for the most part, like the same kind of music.  I don’t know what the other contributors are listening to, but the main two writers on this site tend to disagree.  I… Continue reading From Around The web 01.20.2014

Windows 8.1 Music Production Tweaks

I’ve posted videos from Rain Computers before1.  Sadly, Rain UK has shuttered its doors.  Fortunately, Rain UK has been reborn as Molten Music Technology and they plan to keep on keeping on2. Anyway, in the below video the Molten guys go over tweaks that they suggest to optimize your Windows 8.1 PC for music production… Continue reading Windows 8.1 Music Production Tweaks