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From Around the Web 03.31.2014

This week we just grab some odds and ends, because why not…

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What’s in Australia and Glows in the Dark…

Sometimes a crazy idea pays off…

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Words of Wisdom

Most of us here on the Daft Paragon Ranch are still bleary eyed from tryptophan comas caused by a week of leftover turkey.  However, before we get back up to speed in 2014, I wanted to leave 2013 on a positive note.  Izzy1 Swan is a wood worker out of South Carolina who has a very […]

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Replacing Pickups on a Gretsch Electromatic G5120

Like so many others, I had a tough time justifying spending $3k+ for a Gretsch (I really like the Setzer model) when the Korean version can be had for under $800.  But that means dealing with a lot of the places they cut corners to drop the sticker price.  One of the most often disliked […]