Words of Wisdom

Most of us here on the Daft Paragon Ranch are still bleary eyed from tryptophan comas caused by a week of leftover turkey.  However, before we get back up to speed in 2014, I wanted to leave 2013 on a positive note.  Izzy1 Swan is a wood worker out of South Carolina who has a very… Continue reading Words of Wisdom

From Around The Web 12.09.2013

I have what can best be described as very low level carpentry skills.  They’re the types of skills learned after DIY/HGTV convinced my wife that any home improvement project could be completed in 22 minutes plus commercials, usually without proper tools.  I am probably not the person you should come to for advice on how… Continue reading From Around The Web 12.09.2013

How It’s Made: Electric Guitars

From what I gather, “How It’s Made” is a regular show on the Discovery channel that is kind of like Mister Rogers, but with fewer puppets.  At some point, they did a trip to Godin to show how electric guitars are made.  It’s worth watching if you’re unfamiliar with the process in production facilities.  What’s… Continue reading How It’s Made: Electric Guitars

Crimson Guitars Answers Questions

Here is the grand total of things I know about Crimson Guitars: They are English. They are run by a dude named Ben Crowe who seems to be a pretty normal cat, with a small child and a head full of tribal tattoos. They make Robert Fripp’s signature guitar which has more knobs and switches… Continue reading Crimson Guitars Answers Questions

Big D Guitars Tap Tones

I used to hang out on ProjectGuitar.com back in the day.  My never ending RG project was, in fact, the first picture of a project guitar uploaded to the PG forums (and then the forum software got hacked or corrupted and had to be re-installed and all was lost and I became a sad panda). … Continue reading Big D Guitars Tap Tones