If you play a tube amp, you must play it loud. This is not revolutionary, but yet many people are disappointed that their amp or even their overdrive pedals don’t sound great. Do you have great sounding gear? Then turn it up. If you play at apartment/bedroom levels, you will ALWAYS be unhappy with yohr… Continue reading Volume

How do our brains process music?

http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/How-Do-Our-Brains-Process-Music-169360476.html Interesting how non-musicians still have muscle responses related to playing an instrument.  I’d assume this only works when you have at least seen how the instrument works.  Anyway, the muscle response thing and link to dancing made me immediate think of this: Chappelle Show: Dancing for Different Cultures – watch more funny videos

Internet sales tax – Is this really happening?

When you sign up for any trade organization, you’re bound to get hammered with tons of news, press releases, and even politics.  So, I expect to see that stuff from the folks at NAMM – and it happens daily.  Usually it doesn’t impact me directly and I don’t really care.  However, yesterday I got something… Continue reading Internet sales tax – Is this really happening?

Scientific proof: Modern music stinks

The internet is booming with a study from Scientific Reports saying that modern music all sounds the same.  They looked at pitch distribution, timbre distribution, and dynamic range.  The conclusion was that there is less variance in each area over time.  Basically, everything in the last 10 or so years is really loud, is loud… Continue reading Scientific proof: Modern music stinks

Nobody cares how you sound or play

This gets thrown out all the time, whenever somebody is fretting too much over the details of their guitar playing/tone.  Your audience cannot tell the difference, or they do not care.  Unless you are in the “guitar god rock” genre, chances are it’s absolutely true.  Not only do most people not know the difference between… Continue reading Nobody cares how you sound or play