All my guitars are orange – How did this happen?

I haven’t had all my guitars in the same space for a while, but I had to move them together for some construction work in the basement.  Once I did this, I was a tad dismayed by the sight.  They’re basically, all orange.1 Orange is generally my favorite color, or at least close to the… Continue reading All my guitars are orange – How did this happen?

Who is Your Audience?

My [super expensive] guitar cable gives me a woody. Just waiting to finalize my pedal needs and I’m making sure my whole signal chain is [super expensive guitar cable]. Having [fancy amp builder guy] wire my new … combo with [super expensive cables] too. If you’re going to spend a couple grand on a guitar,… Continue reading Who is Your Audience?

What Do You Know About Your ‘Boutique’ Pedals?

The term “boutique” gets thrown out a lot in the guitar world.  We wanted a term to help seperate the noise a little bit, and let us prove to our friends that we have better taste in gear.  It helped manufacturers show that they weren’t some giant assembly line using the cheapest possible labor and… Continue reading What Do You Know About Your ‘Boutique’ Pedals?

GE & Jay Discuss Metallica’s Legacy

The other day, I saw a random YouTube comment of somebody referring to their “least favorite Metallica song of all time.”  This bit of randomness inspired the following dialogue.  If the conversation bores or even infuriates you, I’d like to apologize in advance.

About Rap Genius (Not Kanye West)

So Rap Genius is a website where people post lyrics to songs.  It’s done community style, and you can add annotations to explain/question the meaning of lyrics.  There are options to buy tracks and watch YouTube clips of the songs.  Here’s an example. So what? I’m writing about this, because I’m always interested in ways… Continue reading About Rap Genius (Not Kanye West)

Words of Wisdom

Most of us here on the Daft Paragon Ranch are still bleary eyed from tryptophan comas caused by a week of leftover turkey.  However, before we get back up to speed in 2014, I wanted to leave 2013 on a positive note.  Izzy1 Swan is a wood worker out of South Carolina who has a very… Continue reading Words of Wisdom

Goodbye Blockbuster

Like most, I didn’t do enough to keep Blockbuster in business.  They didn’t have a bad business model for quite some time, but once Netflix started taking off, things got weird.  They changed their prices, their late fee policy, seemingly everything.  The sections that featured movies not starring Vince Vaughan or Jennifer Anniston shrank rapidly.… Continue reading Goodbye Blockbuster

Absolute Terror and Time Off

There is only one thing that really scares guitarists1 and that is hand injuries.  I had one yesterday, thankfully it’s nothing but a lot of pain, but holy shit was it scary. The weekend was going great.  Friday was Chinese food and lots of whiskey.  Did lots of work around the house on Saturday and… Continue reading Absolute Terror and Time Off

This Car Costs $140,000

This is the Icon Derelict Wagon.  It started life as a 1952 Chrysler Town and Country1 then a DeSoto front clip was grafted on to it, because it looked cooler.  The patina is all original and cleared over2 Underneath the classic shell are a mixture of new parts (like the chassis) old parts and new… Continue reading This Car Costs $140,000