GE & Jay Complain About Innovation and Bad Gear Reviews

Everyone is away from the office so distraction levels are running high. Time for another email exchange that is waaaay too long. Jay: I was thinking of what amazing things we can expect from all our favorite guitar companies in 2016. Here’s the list I’ve got so far. Gibson: Selling the same guitars as 2015 but… Continue reading GE & Jay Complain About Innovation and Bad Gear Reviews

Learning vs Memorizing

It’s a debate that’s been going strong for probably 30-40 years. Do you really need to learn any music theory in order to play guitar? Of course the answer is “no” and there’s boundless evidence. The greater question is, “should you?”. That is far more interesting and valid. Most musicians who firmly plant themselves in offshoots… Continue reading Learning vs Memorizing

Warmoth – Finally Taking the Plunge

Update 2.8.2015: Got all my parts and assembled – photo & details added below. There are so many ways to get a “custom” guitar these days that it’s hard to keep track.  There are so many small builders, big companies offering mass-personalization, and even better building tutorials.  But for some reason, I’ve always gone back… Continue reading Warmoth – Finally Taking the Plunge

Gear Selfies Gotta Go

I belong to several busy guitar forums, guitar facebook groups and guitar subreddits.  They’re generally great, but increasingly I’m seeing the annoying trend of people over-sharing gear photos. If you do a Google Image Search for “my pedalboard” the results will scroll for about six weeks.  And it’s impossible to really distinguish any of them.… Continue reading Gear Selfies Gotta Go

Why Are Modern Superhero Soundtracks Rubbish?

A little under two weeks ago I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  It was less a super hero movie than a spy thriller where one of the spies ran around with an American Flag themed garbage can lid for most of the movie. That being… Continue reading Why Are Modern Superhero Soundtracks Rubbish?

Songwriting in Bands – How it Really Works

Not too long ago, my musical compadre made the acquaintance of a drummer and bassist that were seeking a complete band.  This was a perfect scenario as we were after their services as well and they seemed to be realistic and open-minded fellows.  (not once did they talk about being pros, or touring, or making… Continue reading Songwriting in Bands – How it Really Works