Weird Gear – Christopher Cross-Owned Tom Anderson

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Gear

Christopher Cross is a talented guitar player who has had some moments over the years as a songwriter. If you’re middle-aged or beyond, you probably know the song Sailing, but likely couldn’t name the artist.

And the guitar playing? You’ve got to be paying attention. It’s rarely if ever in your face. There’s even times when it’s been downright buried in the mix.

And on a soon-to-be related topic, Tom Anderson makes really nice guitars. I like to drool over them every chance I get. Because of that torturous ritual, it came across my feed that someone was selling a Tom Anderson Classic S (basically their version of a strat, but with a Dinky sized body) owned by Christopher Cross on Reverb.

For $10,000.

Okay, as of this posting they reduced the price to $8,750.

An Anderson Classic S is a $3-4k guitar on the used market, at least for the more modern incarnations (as I denote, ones having the 2 bolt neck joints). So we’re saying Christopher Cross is adding about $5,250 in value? More than doubling the value of an already expensive guitar?


This is no disrespect to Christopher Cross. And at least we seem to have clear evidence he played the thing live. But he played it live 30-40 years after his real heyday as a music star. So you can’t even be like “this is the guitar he played during his famous Red Rocks performance” (I have no idea if he played Red Rocks, or if anyone plays there anymore, but it feels like the kind of place Cross would’ve put on a killer show simulcast on PBS stations across the country).

I hope for the sake of the seller, who probably doesn’t want to part with this guitar, that they’re able to sell it. And if you subscribe to the theory that none of us are unique snowflakes, there’s bound to be at least one other person on the planet who is both rich and really really into Christopher Cross.