Strymon El Capistan Overlay is Done

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Upgrades

Previously I did an overlay for the Strymon Deco, because it’s hard to remember how to use it without a manual. The El Capistan has a similar problem. It’s kind of worse in that based on the tape head option you select, the mode does something different. I suppose some people could memorize all this, but I’m not those people.

The one I did is green. I had to do a solid color because there’s no way to get all this info on the pedal without redoing everything and covering all the original print. Also the dark color of the pedal case presents a problem with the same solution. I thought doing something that reminds me a little bit of the Space Echo but without doing the exact color (don’t sue me, Roland) would be fun. I made a black version as well.

This one is meant for a white full sheet label stock. Avery and others make them. If you do one, make sure you get the right type for your printer. Ink jet labels in a laser printer are likely to result in glue all over your printer guts. Anyway, it has to be white because there’s no white ink for home printing.

If you want to do one of these, the files are below. You’ll need to cut out the holes for knobs/switches. Use an exacto knife, it’s pretty easy. And you’ll need to remove the knobs, also easy.

This is printed on Avery label stock. The back is covered in adhesive. You’ll be applying this to your pedal. The longer you leave it on there, the more likely there will be residue on the pedal if you decide to remove it. I cannot promise what will happen to the original print on your pedal should you apply this and decide to remove it.

If you’d rather I print them for you and mail to you, I have them listed on my reverb store here:

Here’s the files to print your own: