Chase Bliss Audio – Visually Stunning

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Gear

Chase Bliss pedals are no secret in the high end effects world, but they get most of their credit for the tweakability and sound. Their motto of “digital brain. analog heart” (referring to an analog signal path with digital controls) is not entirely unique, but the degree to which they exploit the possibilities sure is. But there are a lot of reviews of these pedals out there. Check youtube, your favorite gear site, etc. What doesn’t seem to get enough credit is the look and experience of buying a Chase Bliss Audio pedal.

Not to go through an unboxing experience, but here’s an unboxing experience.

You can put your weed in there…

One thing on aesthetic vs usability I’ll say is that it’s impressive they fit this all in an 125B enclosure, but maybe not ideal. All of the knobs and switches are easy to access. (It would be cool if the volume knob were on the outside so you could adjust with your foot, but oh well). But tap tempo on this footprint is tricky. My size twelves are going to hit the bypass button all too often without being very deliberate. I understand that going with a wider enclosure changes the look, but I think it would be better that way.

The one thing about sound is to note this pedal doesn’t have a voltage doubler (many CBA pedals do). You’ll want to run it at 18V. The only complaints I see online about this are the volume drop and that’s solved by going 18V.