Reviewed: Monark Pedalboards Mainframe

About two years ago, we did a preliminary inspection of a rather neat and highly engineered take on the pedalboard. Fast forward to very recently and Monarch Monark Pedalboards has finally brought their product to the public. We got our hands on their flagship product, the Mainframe (specifically a 26×16 version with a wedge) to […]

Band Life Passion & Self Hate

Do You Need an End Game?

I quit my job in March of 2015 and started working for myself as a freelance marketing consultant. That’s relevant to my overall point, but so are the events leading up to that decision. I’ve been a “top performer” at every place I’ve worked, but not out of ambition. Just because I find most jobs […]


Fender Mod Shop: Exactly What We Wanted… Sort of.

Not too long ago, we wished for mass-customization options from guitar makers. Basically the same thing you get when you build a car online rather than buy what is on the lot. And with the launch of the Mod Shop, Fender is doing just that. So is it everything we wanted? I attempted to build […]

Guitar Store Gospel

Smelly Guitars, Shady Deals & More

It’s time for some short random thoughts and amusing findings from the internet… 

Music News

The David Bowie Memorial Playlist

I don’t have a pre-written memorial for Bowie. I don’t have any personal stories that would be interesting to anyone else. But one of the greatest musicians/songwriters/artists/performers of the last hundred years just died and the best thing I can think of is sharing a handful of the iconic moments from his career (in roughly […]