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GE & Jay Complain About Innovation and Bad Gear Reviews

Everyone is away from the office so distraction levels are running high. Time for another email exchange that is waaaay too long. Jay: I was thinking of what amazing things we can expect from all our favorite guitar companies in 2016. Here’s the list I’ve got so far. Gibson: Selling the same guitars as 2015 but […]

Guitar Store Gospel

Our Christmas Wishlist – 2015 Edition

It’s the end of yet another year, and credit cards continue to be maxed out all over the country as guitarists everywhere hope for a new pedal or amp or whatever it may be. Here at Daft Paragon global headquarters, we’re less concerned about what is under our trees. We want to look out for […]

Music News

A Short Farewell to Scott Weiland

Since you’re on the internet, you’re most certainly aware Scott Weiland died yesterday. Like too many musicians, he was younger than he should’ve been. And as we could’ve guessed, drugs is at least somehow connected (reports are coming out about cocaine being found, albeit small amounts). Scott had been in and out of relationships with […]