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It Arrived

I don’t know if I want to write a review about this.


I’m Sick of Picks

I’ve bought a greater variety of picks than I could ever hope to document. That’s nothing special. I think we’ve all grabbed some expensive tortoiseshell wonders or wacky polymers that promise to stick better or help us pick faster. Many people get jazz iii’s and think their life has changed, that they are the first […]

Guitar Store Gospel Silly

Charting Your Musical Taste Progression as a Mixtape

Amazingly, mixtapes are still a thing. They may exist as Spotify playlists, but plenty of people are still making 60ish minute compilations of songs they enjoy. And it’s not an old people nostalgia thing as far as I can tell. It wasn’t too long ago Drake was making big news releasing a mixtape on iTunes. […]