Quick Tip – Stop Strap Buttons from Coming Loose

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Lessons, Repairs

If you’ve been playing your guitar for a while, or have a strap button hole that just was never drilled properly, you might have this happen every so often:


That can be bad news. If you ignore this long enough, the results can obviously be bad. Lots of people have their preferred methods for repairing this problem. Most likely, you’ll see people suggesting you fill the hole (often with makeshift methods like broken toothpicks) or add wood glue.

Either route (or a combination of the two) is perfectly fine. My only gripe is it tends to be pretty permanent. I’ve had strap buttons glue’d in place that will crack the finish on attempted removal. It’s hard to get the wood deep enough to where it holds the screw in place but doesn’t get near the surface of the body.

My recommendation? Get a bottle of this stuff:


Mine is quite old, I believe this product is made by DAP now (they make all sorts of adhesives and caulks). A few drops will do you right. It takes 8-12 hours to fully dry, but it will definitely tighten the wood around the screw. Giving the nice balance of a secure strap button that can still be removed/swapped without risking damage.