Watch this Classic Soldering Instructional Video

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Lessons, Repairs

I learned how to solder from guitarists writing tutorials online and in books. That is to say, I was given a 25% of the way overview that left me making a lot of mistakes and being generally frustrated. Embarrassed too! I just discovered that I never really knew about flux and why it matters. Had I looked at a tutorial from a general electronics perspective, I would’ve prevented a ton of mistakes and saved some confusion along the way.

There are many good tutorials out there, but this is a fantastic one from the folks at Pace.

What makes it so good? For one it’s a no BS overview of the entire process. For two, if you learn like me, you want to know how everything works and connects before diving into process. This gives you that background. Even if you’re not wiring up a new amp or pedal just yet, understanding the entire concept is something I’d highly recommend for anyone who needs to do their first quick repair or pickup swap. Enjoy!