As always, I’m a week late and probably $2500 short, but that’s how it goes when you’re busy being king of the world1.  I just noticed that Fractal Audio is teasing a multi-effects unit.  No amp modeling, it sits on your floor, you turn it on with your feet.  You might even be able to take it out of a studio now and again.  It does a ton of effects at once, and seems to be meant for running 4CM, although I’d guess you can go straight in and to your amp.

The only details I see about it so far come from a post on their forum

Just effects. Specifically designed for 4CM with dedicated pre- and post- paths. Up to 8 simultaneous effects. Any number assignable pre/post. Any combination of series or parallel routing. Two expression pedal inputs, four relay outputs. USB for remote editing with free FX8-Edit software. Silent Switch technology from the MFC Mark III. True Bypass. Etc., etc. Don’t drop it on your foot.

Can’t wait to see real details and a street price.  This will definitely be out of reach of the typical multi-effects users, but should be awesome for folks with pedal boards that keep overflowing with $300+ units that still don’t get the entire job done.

Also, since it’s the internet, the people on the Fractal forum are really crapping on the thing.  Probably because most of them own an AFX2 already and this does nothing to make their lives better.  Or they are just forum trolls who crap on things.  Either way, don’t pay attention to that noise, this is a good thing.

  1. By this I mean, being a middle class schmuck