The other night my friend was showing me his new sampler.  It’s new to him, not the world.  He’s also got a pretty old drum machine.  Super hipster stuff, I know.  But it got me excited to go home and make some tunes.

So I did, I pulled out my midi keyboard, fired up Logic and went to town trying to relay the sounds from my head onto my laptop.

I failed miserably.  Within minutes, I was zooming way in on the editor trying to fix some notes that didn’t auto-align perfectly.  To the ear, you’d never know it was off beat.  But I could see it to be so.

This went on for an hour or two and in the end I had a sliver of a song that I wasn’t happy with at all.  Delete, go to bed.

I realize most people think this is an excuse, because thousands of others successfully create music all the time in this fashion.  Maybe that’s an accurate assessment.  But I still hate it.  Rather than sucking it up and buying a bunch of physical devices for recording and music creation, I keep fighting with my computer, thinking somehow the relationship will change.

It won’t.  I’m hitting ebay.