From Around The Web 05.12.2014

Ever Growing...
Ever Growing…

This week around the web we find out that Godzilla is way bigger than you thought…

Deep Sea News takes time out from talking about sponges or whatever, to spend some time on the only deep sea creature that counts.  Gojira is growing at an exponential rate and that’s probably bad for us.  Especially when he pees.1

On to guitars…

Dave Fletcher takes you through one of his awesome builds of awesome.

A bunch of people wrote Sepultura off when Max quit and again when Igor left.  While a Cavaleraless Sepultura is a weird beast, the quality of the music has remained pretty high.  I mean, Kairos was as good an album as any metal band has released in the 2010s and better than anything I heard from Cavalera Conspiracy or Soulfly.

But for those of you hung up on the old ways:

Next up, guitar neck making.  Because guitar necks are important

I’ll leave you with this one.  How to veneer a carved to guitar.  It seems like a giant pain in the butt, to me.  However, some of you kids out there are going to want to do it, so here are some tips.


  1. Turns out that a monster the size of Godzilla would have a bladder the size of a container ship.

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