The World Needs a Cheech & Chong Guitar, According to Schecter

by | May 10, 2014 | Gear, News

One of the common topics here at Daft Paragon is innovation, or lack thereof, in the guitar world. Here is another great example of the failures by the guitar companies to do anything genuinely interesting…

I guess Cheech and Chong deserve a signature model now. Why? Well, that is what Schecter spends their entire press release trying to justify. They do not succeed in my mind. Notice that this release spends almost no time talking about the guitar itself, but instead tries too convince you that these guys deserve a sig model.

Seriously, no disrespect to the great comedy duo, but this is just a silly move by Schecter.

Press Release

May 8

Schecter Guitar Research and the iconic pair Cheech and Chong are set to produce a limited number of graphic guitars to be created and sold under the Schecter Guitar brand. The Grammy Award winning comedy and musical duo started entertaining live audiences back in the early 70’s with their hilarious characters, pot smoking comedy routines, and parody songs.

Cheech and Chong’s still dynamic careers since 1972 include the milestones of; 10 hit albums with 2 Billboard Hot 100 hits “Basketball Jones” #15 and “Earache My Eye” #9, and 10 hit films breaking box office records, shattering comedy album sales garnering multiple Grammy nominations and mesmerizing fans for more than a decade.


Over the past 42 years Cheech and Chong have produced albums and counterculture movies that centered on the comedic side of the marijuana culture and a love of the rock-n-roll lifestyle. “There is no better time than now to create such a great line of collectable guitars; especially considering that eighteen states have now legalized Marijuana for medical use, and two for recreational purposes” says Allen Steelgrave, Director of Marketing/Artist Relations for Schecter Guitars. One thing that can’t be denied is that Cheech and Chong will always be known for their satirical take on the party life-style.

Look for the guitars to hit stores by mid summer. The first series will be available only through Sam Ash locations. For more information on Cheech and Chong go to