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The flu thought it could keep me away!  The flu can’t keep me away!!! Except for those two Mondays when I had the flu.

Molten Music Technologies had a video up on their channel about how all the superhero movie reboot soundtracks suck hard.  I was going to post it here, but my guess is that YouTube’s automated censorbots got to it even though it was the dictionary definition of fair use.

Instead, I give you some low end for your Monday

Ever since I’ve known her my wife has thought that I should get a pair of leather pants.  Stu Hamm and I have the same proportions if not dimensions (I think I’m a good bit taller than he is) you be the judge.”

Meshell Ndegeocello only had one and a half “hits.”  This is not either of them, but this is her and bass legend, Marcus Miller, laying it down

I’ve seen Bela Fleck and the Flecktones live twice.  The second time someone dropped cigarette ash on my freshly shaven head.  I hate hippies so much.

According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong) this is not true, but I’ve read Vernon Reid say this many times, and he would probably know.  Living Colour’s Douglas Wimbish plays bass on the version of “Good Times” used  as the bed for “Rapper’s Delight.”

This song doesn’t change my feelings on coke one way or the other1 but it does make my booty bounce.

Shut up and listen to Stanley Clarke.

Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller.  It’s like low end heaven

Last up, some galloping and fantasy.


  1. I wasn’t doing it anyway