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Interview: Strymon Co-Founder Gregg Stock

If I had to build my own pyramid of awesome gear companies, Strymon would certainly be in the top tier.  Lots of companies innovate, plenty of others do amazing quality work.  Strymon does both, which puts them in select company.  Not only that, but it’s incredibly rewarding to play one of their pedals.  You think it […]

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Why Are Modern Superhero Soundtracks Rubbish?

A little under two weeks ago I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  It was less a super hero movie than a spy thriller where one of the spies ran around with an American Flag themed garbage can lid for most of the movie. That being […]

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From Around the Web 04.21.2014

The flu thought it could keep me away!  The flu can’t keep me away!!! Except for those two Mondays when I had the flu.


Who is Innovating Guitar Body Design?

GE and I complain about a lot of things.  It’s pretty much the foundation of any good friendship.  One of those things, is the fact that virtually every “new” guitar is still a familiar single or double cutaway.  Usually based on the strat body.  Sure, there are some odd shapes out there1, but they are […]

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Interview & Exclusive News from Stone Deaf FX

You may not have heard of Stone Deaf FX and Amplification prior to reading this. I stumbled across them by luck, at the suggestion of a guy at a local guitar shop. They only make one product, the PDF-1, which is based on the old Maestro MPF-1.  It’s an amazing pedal.  And I’m not the […]

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Easily Learn Scales & Modes on Guitar

This is probably best for someone who has an understanding of scales and modes, but struggles to memorize how to play them or all the various shapes up and down the neck.  This comes from circleof5surecanjive over at Reddit.  He was awesome enough to let me share this, and he’s got some nice looking music theory lessons […]

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BIG Changes at Daft Paragon

Hey folks – we’ve been pretty quiet here lately.  There’s a good reason for it.  Over the past several weeks we’ve been talking to a lot of big wigs at other companies about the popularity of this site.  The world has taken notice.  And after a lot of difficult discussions, we’ve decided…