From Around the Web 03.17.2014

by | Mar 17, 2014 | Good Finds, Music | 1 comment

My day job has dominated my past couple of weekends, leaving you to suffer with less time wasting material on your Monday.  I truly apologize.  But, Wheeler Dealers fixing an E39 M5!1

I never really wondered what Ghengis Tron would sound like if you removed the jazz bits.  The Algorithm answers that question.2

Speaking of Genghis Tron

Will Kelly spends half an hour teaching you how to change strings.  That’s what we call “an exhaustive guide.”

I’ll end this with a video of when Scott Ian had long hair and was more famous for playing guitar than being on VH1.

That’s it for this week, kids.  Sorry for the short list, but “weekend long database upgrades” are a real thing.

  1. One of my all time favorite cars of all time.
  2. Unasked as it was