This week Might Car Mods went to Japan to drift a Kei car!

Paul Gilbert and Nathan East jam in A for seven and a half minutes or so.  They sound better than any seven and a half minute collection of me jamming, ever.

Here’s some more with Mr. East about some more things.

Because an hour of Siouxie and the Banshees in 1981, that’s why

Seal and Donna Summer unbreak your heart on the radio

Labels Extreme make some flame maple picks for Dave Fletcher at Fletcher Handcrafter Guitars

Speaking of Flecher HC Guitars; I saw a picture of this gorgeous piece of work posted on Google Plus a few weeks ago and here’s a review of it:

Whitechapel released a lyric video for their new track “The Saw is the Law.”  I like it just fine, though maybe not as much as the better tracks on their self titled debut.  One quibble: they claim that they’re bringing “deep south heat,” as my Tennessee born cousins will happily tell you, Tennessee is the mid-south, I am from the deep south.  Alabama, represent!

As crap as I am at knowing all of my modes, I’m even more crap at knowing all of the chords that exist in all of those modes.  Here someone tries, and fails, to explain them to me1

Rob Chapman, rocking a manly man beard, attempts to impart the same information

Finally, in honor of Lemmy not being dead…

  1. Not really, I’ve only partially watched this video, so its effectiveness is still up in the air