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From Around the Web 03.31.2014

This week we just grab some odds and ends, because why not…

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From Around The Web 03.24.2014

I love Jay like a play cousin, but sometimes I think he’s wrong.  Today we reject melody and/or give the bassist some.

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Songwriting in Bands – How it Really Works

Not too long ago, my musical compadre made the acquaintance of a drummer and bassist that were seeking a complete band.  This was a perfect scenario as we were after their services as well and they seemed to be realistic and open-minded fellows.  (not once did they talk about being pros, or touring, or making […]

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From Around the Web 03.17.2014

My day job has dominated my past couple of weekends, leaving you to suffer with less time wasting material on your Monday.  I truly apologize.  But, Wheeler Dealers fixing an E39 M5!1 One of my all time favorite cars of all time. ↩

Guitar Store Gospel Passion & Self Hate

All my guitars are orange – How did this happen?

I haven’t had all my guitars in the same space for a while, but I had to move them together for some construction work in the basement.  Once I did this, I was a tad dismayed by the sight.  They’re basically, all orange.1 Orange is generally my favorite color, or at least close to the […]

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Mark Knopfler on Being Mark Knopfler

This video is so incredible.  If you’re used to the normal doldrums that is guitar instructional videos, you may have to watch it a few times to get the brilliance.  In roughly six and a half minutes, Mark Knopfler gives more incredible creative advice than hundreds of shredders have given in hours and hours of […]

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From Around The Web for 03.03.2014

This week Might Car Mods went to Japan to drift a Kei car!

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New Gear from Meris and Electro-harmonix

When stuff like this comes out, I sometimes feel overwhelmed.  In one case, we have the launch of Meris, which gives you a few bullet points about the product and chances are the target customer knows it’s for them.  On the other hand, EHX gives a ton of info, and we’re left sorting through it […]