I, too, want a cow from hell

I, too, want a cow from hell


This week a lot of live stuff showed up for me.

Also, Phil Anselmo cooking.

Dimebag Darrell teaches you how to be Dimebag Darrell

Also, Pantera Panteraing1

Suicidal Tendencies featuring…uh, Mike Muir and that guy from Infectious Grooves who wasn’t the guy from Jane’s Addiction, the painter guy or Robert Tujillo2.  They do still bring it, tho.

But, for the old heads…

Prong live3

Remember that one tour where Tommy Victor decided that he didn’t really want to play guitar anymore?  Neither do most people, but Ted Parsons on drums.  TED PARSONS ON DRUMS!!!!

I think every single person on the internet with even a passing interest in metal linked to the video of Devin Townsend playing “Kingdom” on EMGtv.  I like Devin well enough, but I never quite get why the entirety of the “heavy metal community”, figuratively4, line up to fellate him.  He does, however, make funny faces when he plays.

Also, Jed Simon jumps on stage with the DTP to perform “Love?”  Given that Devin has gone on record as not liking to do Strapping Young Lad songs anymore, this was pretty damn good

Still, needed more skullet…

Kinda hard to believe that was the kid who sang on Steve Vai’s worst album.

Lamb of God provide our penultimate live performance.

Since I feel guilty for buying an SUV, we will end on enviro-metallers Gojira.  Also, possibly the coolest band name ever.

  1. Even though, according to some guy on the internet, I don’t actually like Pantera.
  2. It should be pointed out that he is a really, really good guitarist, it’s just weird to see a band with a legendary lineup have only one of those guys on stage
  3. See above
  4. Not literally