Andy Othling Takes It Sloooooooooooooooow

by | Feb 9, 2014 | Good Finds, Music

I'm pretty sure that Jay falls into this category...

I’m pretty sure that Jay falls into this category…


I came across Andy Othling’s YouTube channel while looking for ambient and looping guitarists.  I was looking for something more, metal-y, so I kind of let it slide for a few minutes, but then I started paying attention.

Andy’s deal is making big, ambient soundscapes by plugging a parts(Tele)caster into a floorboard the size of your living room and playing slooooooooow.  It’s not the kind of music that you’ll nod your head to.  You won’t remember the chorus, because there is no chorus. This isn’t music to dance to.  This is music for deep contemplation.  Or, you know, to play over the PA in your organic health food store1

The other interesting thing about Andy is that he wants to teach you how to do what he does.  To be fair, creating long, droning, formless music may not be everyone’s bag.  That being said, creating interesting textures that work as movements of, or underneath portions of, your music should be part of your bag, no doubt.

Here’s some random videos from Mr. Othling for you:

Keep track of what Andy’s doing on his new website, ReverbNerds.com2.  It’s good stuff.

  1. I have it on good authority that it goes great with vegan bacon.
  2. I mean, I already stole his logo for the header image of this post