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As has been mentioned before; one of the more interesting things about the Daft Paragon Ranch is that Jay and I do not, for the most part, like the same kind of music.  I don’t know what the other contributors are listening to, but the main two writers on this site tend to disagree.  I mean, I don’t know which one is Mumford and which ones are the Sons and I’ve only ever heard of The Arcade Fire by accident.  Meanwhile, I don’t think Jay is nearly as hyped as he should be over Byzantine’s new album, nor do I see him donating to Whitechapel’s kick starter so they can make a tour/album documentary.

Just waiting for someone to take this picture the wrong way...

Just waiting for someone to take this picture the wrong way…

That being said, in the spirit of brotherhood that benefits Martin Luther King day, I present to you.  Music that Jay probably doesn’t think I like, also a random car video.

One of the things about me is that I’m a huge  nerd with a love of comic books and cartoons.  One day I was surfing Anime Network and saw a new series was beginning.  That series was Xam’d: Lost Memories and it’s them song was The Boom Boom Satellites’ “Shut up and Explode.”

The cool thing here is that The Boom Boom Satellites actually have a couple three albums available in the US market, so you can easily actually find their music in this country. Also, live they kind of sound like Ministry…

Moving on to another band I found purely because they provided the soundtrack to a cartoon…The Pillows provided the soundtrack to FLCL/FuriKuri/FoolyCooly, which Adult Swim cannot show enough times, and which makes no damn sense1.

So, anyway, the soundtrack by The Pillows is pure pop perfection2.  Unfortunately, unlike the Boom Boom Satellites, The Pillows have no US distribution deal, so I’ve had to use YouTube and some other less savory ways to get their music.  Or, you know, you can go into a well stocked comics store with a big Anime/Manga section, those places have Japanese imports for days

Meshell Ndegeocello’s “Bitter” is one of the greatest albums ever written.  Full stop. Period. The end.  For a woman who is mostly known as a “one and a half hit wonder”

Meshell has had quite a career ranging from “good” to “brilliant” but almost always “critically praised.”  But Bitter, a musical journey through the collapse of her relationship with Rebecca Walker3 daughter of the legendary Alice Walker.  If you’ve ever been in love and had it crumble around you, Bitter (the album and the song) is your jam.

Oh, also her version of Ready for the World’s “Love You Down” (From Devil’s Halo)might be the sexiest song that Prince didn’t write

Also, Hall and Oates’ “Sara Smiles.”  If you don’t think this is a great song, you’re not a good person.

  1. The plot involves a kid who has robots shoot from a wormhole in his head, a woman who uses classic guitars as a weapon, a giant iron that will iron the wrinkles out of the brains of the world and the Pirate king.  I think the plot really involved acid, mushrooms and ketamine but, no, seriously.  The name of the show, “Furi Kuri” is the act of getting on a crowded bus so that you can stand next to a woman and molest her.  There is no part of this show that isn’t screwed up or does make sense.  I’ve watched it three times and I still can’t figure out any resemblance of an actual coherent plot.
  2. Especially if you speak Japanese, which I do not
  3. I actually had a chance to spend a day with Rebecca Walker in college as her guide at a conference.  I she was sweet and adorable