So, at the end of 2013 I posted this bit of advice from Izzy1 Swan.  If you’re too lazy to click the link and watch the video the overview is this:

Woodworking is easy.  You don’t need a lot of tools, you just need to try.  Even the most complex project is just a bunch of simple projects linked together.  Give it a shot

That seemed like good advice to me.  That last part is particularly good advice since Izzy Swan has some seriously complex projects going on.

I mean, look at all those wood scraps

I mean, look at all those wood scraps

Now, some of you may be wondering why I’m featuring videos by a wood worker in a space where I would normally be talking about a luthi…oh, you get it now.  Fact his that luthiery2 is basic woodworking.  I mean, making ornate inlays and crazy arched top hollowbodies and what not, that’s more advanced.  But making a telecaster body?  That’s a pretty straightforward, beginner, woodworking project.

So why stop there?

Izzy Swan is a man who has dedicated his life to making stuff out of wood.  He also seems enamored with making stuff out of wood in ways that one shouldn’t make stuff out of wood.  I mean, why not make a lathe out of a hand drill and a circular saw and use it to make a bowling pin?

He had to do that, of course, because he’d already used a table saw to make a bowling ball

Not that he’s completely into just making insane jigs for crazy things (although, there is a lot of jiggery going on).  There are some videos that come in handy just for the normal guy with a guitar.  Like how to fix dents and screw holes

A trick I’ve used on a neck that was dropped onto a whammy pedal.

Izzy’s also big into making reclaimed wood projects, specifically ones that  can be completed for $50 or less in materials.  Not a bad price point if you’re looking to start in on making stuff.

I could keep this up all day.  But the fact is, you should check out Izzy’s YouTube channel and see what’s coming out of the mind of South Cacalaca’s3 finest.

  1. I still don’t know what this is short for
  2. I’m not even sure that that’s a real word
  3. That would be “Carolina” for those of you not in the southeastern United States